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Concure Systems Products are LEED contributory

LEED is the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Group formulated by the U.S. Green Building Council. Based in Washington D.C., the Green Building Council is a nonprofit coalition developed by the leaders of the building industry.

How Our Product Works

Our Products

  • We provide up to date, professional consulting for successful flooring installations.
  • We provide an inexpensive pro-active approach to eliminating flooring failures due to moisture. See our Concrete Admixture Data. As a Concrete Admixture, ELIMINATE TIME AND LABOR.
  • We provide a Concrete Curing agent that cures, seals, hardens, densifies, and moisture proofs concrete. NO removal needed, flooring, adhesives, and coatings compatable. SAVE TIME AND LABOR ELIMINATING WATER CURE ON INTERIOR SLABS TO RECEIVE FLOORING.
  • We provide a cementitious binder for flooring contractors to address cracks, Expansion joints, saw cuts ect. Designed to stop Moisture migration. 
  • All Concure Sytems designed to eliminate flooring failures due to moisture are fully warranted to include damaged floor replacement, Labor, and sealing.
  • We provide a topically applied system on new or existing concrete slabs to eliminate flooring failures due to moisture.
  • Concure Systems lends expertise in planning for a successful flooring installation for your Commercial Project. Zero Failures Due To Moisture.
  • Concure Systems eliminates the guesswork in planning vapor Barrier placement.
  • Concure Systems Concrete Admixture turns the ENTIRE concrete slab into a  VAPOR BARRIER.
  • Concure Systems supplements the flooring manufacturers warranty by providing a warranty that covers potential failures due to moisture.
  • All Concure Systems product are GREEN and LEED qualified.

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