Admixture Silicate Free

Concure Systems Listens!

Silicate-Free Flooring & Concrete Moisture Prevention Systems

Concure has enjoyed over 28 years of stellar success with our flooring & concrete moisture prevention systems silicate based. The past 3 of those 28 years has exposed a small part of the industry that now deems silicate technology incompatible with flooring and flooring adhesives.

Concure Systems now offers silicate-free concrete admixture and our topically applied vapor barrier systems.

Nearly 30 years ago Concure Listened to the industry and introduced  the first moisture vapor emissions control system. In maintaining our leadership presence in the industry we again listened and As of May 1st 2017, Concure is the first and only to offer our entire family of flooring and concrete moisture prevention systems in both silicate based and silicate-free designs. All Concure Products carry the same lifetime warranty.

Over 26 Years Experience

CONCURE SYSTEMS has over 26 years of experience in the industry specifically focusing on MOISTURE VAPOR EMISSIONS CONTROL. CONCURE SYSTEMS offers experience in concrete repair, restoration, investigation, consulting and moisture mitigation.

High Performance Materials

Concure Systems has provided high performance construction materials to the flooring industry over 26 years. The CONCURE SYSTEMS Admixture for sealing concrete slabs becomes an integral part of the concrete, lending many value added benefits including turning the slab into a vapor barrier the thickness of the slab itself.

Environmentally Friendly

LEED is the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Group formulated by the U.S. Green Building Council. Based in Washington D.C., the Green Building Council is a nonprofit coalition developed by the leaders of the building industry. 2015 | Site by CT&I