Crack Fill Binder


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Product Description:

The crack fill binder is a premixed white liquid, which combines a specialized acrylic co-polymer and a high strength self level cement , (call 480-820-7171 for approved self level cements).

Basic Use:

When mixed with a high strength self level cement, the crack fill binder enables all saw cuts, cracks and control joints to become impermeable, so that no moisture can intrude through these voids.  The Crack Fill Binder is mandatory with the use of all Concure Moisture Control Systems.

Technical Data:

Appearance: White liquid
Type: Acrylic
PH: 10
Viscosity: 105 cps
Odor: Slight
Toxicity: None
Flammability: None
Water Resistance: Excellent
Flexibility: Excellent
Weight: 8.9lbs/gal
Freeze Temp: 320F
VOC: None

Mixing Instructions:

When using CONCURE SYSTEMS Crack Fill Binder with a high strength Self Leveling Cement, use 1 gallon of crack fill binder and up to (thicker the better) 2 quarts of water per 50 pound bag of high strength self level cement (call 480-820-7171 for approved product).  The installer may add up to 1 additional quart of water as needed for flow.

Crack Preparation:

All cracks, saw cuts, and control joints less than 1/8 inch wide must be ‘v’ grooved or routed 1/4 inch wide and approximately 1/2 inch deep.  Vacuum after preparation.


The concrete must be clean, dry and not contaminated with substances that would promote de-bonding.  The substrate must not have any movement and should be structurally sound.  After the concrete has been shot blasted, in accordance with CONCURE SYSTEMS Shot Blasting Specifications; or scarified, prime the cracks, saw cuts, and control joints with the Crack Fill Binder concentrate.  Apply a two inch band of material on either side of the crack.  Once the crack fill binder has set up to a semi dry tack, mix the crack fill binder and the self level cement to patch the cracks.  Trowel down excess patching material onto the two inch band on either side of the crack.  The CONCURE SYSTEMS may be applied immediately, if so desired.

Spread Rate:

The crack fill binder when mixed with the Concure  Systems self level cement will average 120 linear feet.

Over 26 Years Experience

CONCURE SYSTEMS has over 26 years of experience in the industry specifically focusing on MOISTURE VAPOR EMISSIONS CONTROL. CONCURE SYSTEMS offers experience in concrete repair, restoration, investigation, consulting and moisture mitigation.

High Performance Materials

Concure Systems has provided high performance construction materials to the flooring industry over 26 years. The CONCURE SYSTEMS Admixture for sealing concrete slabs becomes an integral part of the concrete, lending many value added benefits including turning the slab into a vapor barrier the thickness of the slab itself.

Environmentally Friendly

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