CONCURE SYSTEMS has nearly 3 decades experience in the industry specifically focusing on flooring and concrete moisture prevention. CONCURE SYSTEMS offers experience in flooring sales and installations,
consulting, concrete repair, restoration, investigations and moisture mitigation. CONCURE SYSTEMS is the only manufacturing company in the industry that manufacturers and offers a full array of products;
Admixture (proactive approach), Vapor Barrier +PLUS+ (topically applied and VERY different as it penetrates and is not merely a suppressant), CRACK FILL BINDER (for saw cuts and cracks) and 2100 CURE AND SEAL (which is a secondary penetrating, bond enhancing sealer in lieu of water cure and does NOT need to be mechanically removed). CONCURE SYSTEMS carries a full warranty that includes flooring replacement in case of failure, due to moisture at no cost to anyone.


Coring a project slab for permeability testing, ASTM D-5084


Coring a project slab for permeability testing, ASTM D-5084 



Checking air content in the concrete. CONCURE SYSTEMS Admixture contributes ZERO air

Concure Systems Admixture increases concrete strength   


Bead Blasting is the first step in the application of our vapor barrier system 

V-grooving all cracks, expansion joints, and sawcuts.  

The cementitious final coat of the Vapor Barrier System.

Concure Systems Admixture can easily be added at the
job site

The finishing process is faster and smoother. 

The outcome speaks for itself:

California Coalinga State Hospital