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Product Description:


The primary use of CONCURE SYSTEMS Admixture is for waterproofing new on-grade, below-grade concrete slabs and elevated decks. This type of admixture takes the guesswork out of where to use a vapor retardant


Using CONCURE SYSTEMS assures architects and flooring manufactures that flooring materials will not de-bond due to moisture migration or capillary action inside the slab.


  • Improves freeze/thaw resistance
  • Keeps concrete from dusting
  • Inhibits corrosion of metal reinforcing bar
  • Offers faster finishing time
  • Reduces shrinkage cracks
  • Maintains good flexibility at low slump
  • Prevents capillary action
  • Stops water, salt and alkali intrusion
  • Resistant to chemical and acid attack
  • Contributes to blocking radon gas
  • Can be used in stained and colored concrete
  • Stops ASR (Alkali-Silica-Reactivity)
  • LEED contributor


Function – CONCURE SYSTEMS reacts with water and alkali filling the capillary system with calcium silicate hydrate (CSH). The route for moisture migration to occur is eliminated.

Plasticizing Action- Once Concure Systems is added to the mix design it reacts with the water to allow the concrete to be flexible, even at low slump.

Technical Data:


CONCURE SYSTEMS is environmentally safe and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


LEED Contributor

Test reports area available to design professionals upon request.



Handle and store product according to CONCURE SYSTEMS Recommendations. CONCURE SYSTEMS ADMIXTURE should be used in all interior floor slabs unless noted otherwise. Maximum slump with water should not exceed 4 ‘’ (101.60 mm). Follow manufacturer’s instructions for dispensing. CONCURE SYSTEMS ADMIXTURE is added directly to the concrete mix design.


All cracks, saw cuts, cold and construction joints must be filled (for substrate warranty to apply at these critical areas) with Concure’s Crack Fill Binder cementitious material.


CONCURE SYSTEMS is added at the concrete batch plant or jobsite at a rate of 14oz (397 g) per 100 lbs. of cementitious. Additional dosage may be required for an increase in high early strength benefits.

Truck or Plant Mixing

The accuracy of measurement of any admixture should be within plus or minus 3%. Two or more admixtures may be used in the same concrete batch, provided such admixtures are added separately and that the combination has no deleterious effect on the concrete.

Onsite Mixing

Add the CONCURE SYSTEMS ADMIXTURE to the concrete truck and let drum rotate for 7 minutes before discharge.


CONCURE SYSTEMS recommends following established ACI guidelines for curing interior slabs to receive flooring. Complete installation recommendations are available from the manufacturer.


A representative of CONCURE SYSTEMS will monitor the dosing, mixing and placement of the treated concrete either telephonically or on-site presence pending job site conditions.

Use non-chlorinated additives such as accelerators, plasticizers and water reducers with CONCURE SYSTEMS ADMIXTURE. Air entrainment is not needed. Retardants may be used when ambient temperatures exceed 75°F (24° C).

CONCURE SYSTEMS ADMIXTURE is used in lieu of a portion of the mix water, not in addition to the mix water. The water-to-cement ratio is critical. It is imperative to comply with the designed water-to-cement ratio, .45w/c ratio or less as recommended by Resilient Flooring Institute. Use of plasticizers and/or water reducers is recommended to achieve slumps greater than 4”.


Above 45 degrees, Do not allow to freeze. Separation may occur under 45 degrees and thorough agitation will be required.


Current data on building code requirements and product compliance may be obtained from CONCURE SYSTEMS technical support specialists. Installation and use of this product must comply with the requirements of applicable code jurisdiction.


CONCURE SYSTEMS ADMIXTURE is formulated for the flooring industry and meets or exceeds all guidelines pertaining to moisture emission as established by the flooring industry. These admixture(s) carries a lifetime warranty against moisture related failure, including all finish floor materials and labor. Contact manufacturer for additional information on warranty condition, duration and remedies.


No Maintenance is required.

Technical Services:

Trained service personnel offer design assistance and technical support. For technical assistance contact CONCURE SYSTEMS (480) 820-7171.

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