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Product Description:

CONCURE SYSTEMS 100% Solids Epoxy is a two-component (single/double-coat-14 mil minimum thickness), fast curing concrete sealer designed to stop floor coverings/coatings from de-bonding due to elevated moisture vapor emission levels.

These systems are designed to stop MVE’s measured at all levels intolerant to, and before beginning installation of all primers, cementitious patching materials, adhesives, and flooring materials as recommended by flooring/coating manufacturers.


Substrates that have not undergone moisture remediation and before starting the installation(s), test substrate(s) for moisture vapor emission (MVER) in accordance with finish flooring manufacturer(s) requirements. Follow ASTM F-3010 guidelines for standard practices for two-component resin-based membrane-forming MVE mitigation systems for use under resilient floor coverings.


All three systems (Rapid Cure, Fast Cure and Standard Cure) do not contain solvents and have been designed for fast-track installations. The primary use of Concure Systems 100% Solids Epoxy is for moisture proofing below grade, on-grade, and elevated deck slabs when

tested (via ASTM F-1869 and/or ASTM F-2170) and levels exceed manufacturer’s maximum limits


Permeability ASTM E-96 0.06 Perms

Calcium Chloride ASTM F1869 0.11 lbs./1000 ft./24 hrs.

Adhesion ASTM D-4541 390 psi @ 100 sq. ft. / gallon


100% Solids Epoxy, a two-component proprietary blend of ingredients consisting of Part A and Part B. Mix both parts together. No partial mixing of containers allowed.



Either bead-blast using 330/360 blended shot OR use a Planetary Grinder, 32″ Lavina Disc,

PCB Blades (acceptable brands Extreme Grinder, Lavina, Cutters or equal) to achieve an

ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute) profile III / IV (3 / 4). This is required by

Concure. The surface (after shot blasting or grinding is complete), should be white in color

with no signs of curing agents or other types of concrete finished surface.  After bead-

blasting or grinding, make sure the surface is clean, with no signs of dirt, oil, curing

agents, sealers, or adhesive residues. All cracks, saw cuts, cold and construction joints

must be opened with a ¼” crack chaser blade, debris and loose material scraped out

completely, and vacuumed cleaned to allow proper bonding of acrylic co-polymer

cementitious blended Crack Fill Binder. All cracks, saw cuts cold and construction joints

must be filled completely (bottom to top) eliminating all voids.


Handle and store product according to Concure Systems recommendations. Concure Systems 100% Solids Epoxy should be used in all interior slabs unless noted otherwise. All cracks, saw cuts, cold and construction joints must be filled utilizing Concure’s Crack Fill Binder. 100% Solids Epoxy system is a one OR two coat system that must be installed at 14 mils minimum thickness (approximately 110 sq. ft. gallon). This can be accomplished in one 14 mil. application or two applications of 7 mils. each. If you need more than 48 hours to apply the cementitious skim/self-level topcoat, use the 2-coat application method and apply a sand broadcast to the second application.



Contact Concure Systems @ 480-820-7171 for information on cementitious floor patch and self-leveling topcoat.


Install flooring and coatings over cementitious topcoat re-profiled substrate(s) strictly following flooring/coating manufacturer’s published installation instructions for non-porous surfaces.


Installation by a floor-covering contractor can be done under the supervision of a Concure Systems representative or by a corporate installation team.


Flooring & Concrete Moisture Prevention Systems Specialists

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