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CONCURE SYSTEMS Vapor Barrier +PLUS+ is a topically applied system designed to stop floor coverings from de-bonding due to moisture. The system is water based and designed for fast track installations. The primary use of Concure Systems Vapor Barrier +PLUS+ is for waterproofing below grade slabs, on-grade slabs, and elevated deck slabs.

This system stops hydrostatic pressure, capillary action and moisture migration. It also creates a negative and positive side barrier. This product is compatible with all adhesives, self-levelers and floor coverings.

Vapor Barrier +PLUS+ is a silicate sealer that penetrates into the concrete slab. A reaction occurs between the lime and excess Portland cement, which is always present, and forms Calcium Silicate Hydrate (CSH). This process will encapsulate the moisture to create a permanent break in the capillaries of the concrete, stopping all moisture related problems caused by moisture vapor emissions out of or through the slab.

This system is designed to stop moisture problems measured at all levels intolerant to the installation of flooring as recommended by flooring manufacturers.


Either an ASTM D-5084 test and/or ASTM D-4263 test done by flooring contractor is required and the results of this test must be registered with Concure Systems Corporation. (See Concure for further details)


Concure Systems Vapor Barrier +PLUS+ is a topically applied system designed to prevent floor coverings from de-bonding due to excessive moisture.

** Vapor Barrier +PLUS+ is a topical system that is especially useful in new construction when excessive moisture is detected before the original flooring is installed **


Adhesion                          ASTM C952         200psi

Permeability                     ASTM D-5084     1.9 x10-10 cm/sec


Vapor Barrier +PLUS+ is a formulated blend of silicates and reactive ingredients.


EITHER brush blast using 440 shot OR use a Planetary Grinder, 32″ Lavina Disc, PCB Blades (acceptable brands Extreme Grinder, Lavina, Cutters or equal) to achieve an ICRI ( International Concrete Repair Institute) profile 4 or 5. This is required by Concure. The surface, after shot blasting or grinding is completed, should be white in color with no signs of curing agents or other types of concrete finished surface.  After brush blasting or grinding, make sure the surface is clean, with no signs of dirt, oil, curing agents, sealers or adhesive residues. All loose material and dirt must be removed from cracks in order to allow proper bonding.


Handle and store product according to Concure Systems recommendations. Concure Systems Vapor Barrier +PLUS+ should be used in all interior slabs unless noted otherwise. Using a low pressure sprayer, apply one generous coat. Coverage is 200-300sf per gallon. Do not let the material pond on the surface. Broom material evenly to cover all areas. Dry time is usually about an hour, depending upon the temperature and jobsite conditions.


Contact Concure Systems @ 480-820-7171 for information on cementitious floor patch and self-leveling cement.


Cracks, expansion joints and saw cuts should be filled with cementitious patch using Concure Systems Crack Fill Binder. (SEE CRACK FILL BINDER DATA SHEET)


Installation by a floor-covering contractor can be done under the supervision of a Concure Systems representative or by a corporate installation team.

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